A harp seal named Wendy

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Language: English
Ages: 3+
Author: Nayia Panayiotou
Illustrations: Stavros Panayiotou

The story:
“Oh no, is this a joke? How can you ask this of me?
…I’m not jumping in. It looks really deep!
…The sea is so wild. The waves touch the sky!
…There is an orca approaching nearby!
These are a few of the excuses Wendy is using in order to avoid getting in the water. What will happen though when seals migrate? Will she manage to overcome her fear and join them?

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The book was published in 2013 with funding from the Youth Board of Cyprus and it is included in the published book lists of the Ministry of Education and Culture for the student and teacher library for the school year 2013-2014.


It was nominated for an award in the Literature Competition 2013 for the category ‘Literature for Young Children’.




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