3 minutes with Veronica Goncharenko, Babywearing Expert and founder of Kroshka Slings

Here’s the one question all mothers must face at some point: to work or not to work (by this we mean business work of course, because being a mum is a 24-hour job already anyway).

How every one of us answers this question depends on so many aspects of our lives, be they financial, professional or personal.

Some of us have chosen to work from home and benefit from the developments in modern technology. A lot can be achieved nowadays from a laptop and a kitchen table, and with the right mix of apps designed to run a small business at very low cost, developing a hobby into a money-maker has become achievable like never before.

Here at MumsinCyprus we believe in mum-to-mum encouragement, so this week’s work from home inspiration comes from Veronica. She’s just like you and me, so we’ve asked her some questions to find out what motivated her to set up MyKroshka Slings.

When and where did the inspiration for MyKroshka come from?

“MyKroshka” means “my crumble” in Russian.  “Sweet little crumbles” is how we call our babies and it reflects the tenderness and a special bond between a parent and a child. The inspiration came from my own babies, I guess, all four of them, but it also came from the desire to pass that special feeling on to the mums who want to learn babywearing.

What do you offer on the local market that is unique?

MyKroshka ring sling comes with babywearing lessons and ongoing support. So, it is not just another baby item, it is an experience of building a special bonding with the baby which will serve as foundation for the life time relationship. I love teaching mums babywearing and when they purchase my ring sling they have a unique chance to acquire the skill that existed for hundreds of years and has been passed on by generations.

Has your background been useful in getting started?

Definitely. Being a fourth-time mum I practiced babywearing for thousands of hours. I am also an entrepreneur and a mum who is running a big family. This provided a good starting point for understanding what sort of issues women are facing and how babywearing can address them.

What has been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

The biggest obstacle is the parents’ mindset. Many parents (including myself at certain times) believe that they are incapable of bringing up their own children. They revert to “specialists” when it comes to making decisions about birthing, breastfeeding, supporting health and teaching their kids, while in most situations, including babywearing, it is our own gut feeling and trust in our own abilities that plays the biggest role. I am here to support that trust.

What’s your proudest moment so far?

My proudest moment was when I taught babywearing to the blind mum who had her first child. It was one in a kind experience and it filled me with joy and huge motivation to teach many more mums.

To shop Veronica’s MyKroshka Slings, you can visit her MiC Marketplace online store here.