3 minutes with Kiara Timm – Artist and Creator of ‘ART-ernative’

Here’s the one question all mothers must face at some point: to work or not to work (by this we mean business work of course, because being a mum is a 24-hour job already anyway).

How every one of us answers this question depends on so many aspects of our lives, be they financial, professional or personal.

Some of us have chosen to work from home and benefit from the developments in modern technology. A lot can be achieved nowadays from a laptop and a kitchen table, and with the right mix of apps designed to run a small business at very low cost, developing a hobby into a money-maker has become achievable like never before.

Here at MumsinCyprus we believe in mum-to-mum encouragement, so this week’s work from home inspiration comes from Kiara. She’s just like you and me, so we’ve asked her some questions to find out what motivated her to set up ART-ernative.

When and where did the inspiration for ‘ART-ernative’ come from?

The inspiration for the ‘ART-ernative’ was born one day while sitting around at my studio and brainstorming on new ideas related with art. I wanted to combine the idea of presenting a unique art design on a wearable product, yet to keep its original form as an art piece; an alternative way of presenting a unique piece of art, but also for it to have a more practical use. A unique art product for a wearable everyday lifestyle. A prêt-a-porter concept with art. So it initially started with the handmade and hand painted bags and later on with the scarfs and coasters. Some of the bags and scarfs have a unique hand painted design, while other bags and scarfs have a printed image inspired from my original paintings. In this case, when the image is transformed onto the scarf or the bag then it’s only done for 1-2 pieces. There is a limit to the printed image to keep it special. Also, some pieces can be customized where possible.

What do you offer on the local market that is unique?

As every piece is considered an art piece, it is uniquely created and there is no possibility for it to be reproduced. An art piece is created from scratch and transformed into a unique item! It starts with a raw canvas or fabric transformed into a painting and then that painting is getting a form and style until it reaches its final destination. It’s a bit like the philosophy of Michelangelo where he ‘saw’ a specific sculpture coming out from each piece of marble,  waiting to be created. Thus, every piece has its story and is unique, like every person has their story, making them unique.

Has your background been useful in getting started?

As an artist I have been always striven to evolve my art into different dimensions and directions, and through this journey I have combined my art education, learning and curiosity to create something new into this route. In my mind, creativity has no boundaries, and so it is with art. I focused to create unique and different art products and that can still be considered art pieces of their own.

What has been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

Endless working hours, materials and energy invested into trying different methods and techniques have been the biggest challenge.  Through this learning process there have been lots of ups and downs to finally reach to the end art piece. But once it’s reached then it’s happiness! It feels like an alchemist trying to find the perfect recipe!

What’s your proudest moment so far?

The end result is very satisfying. To reach to the final product after hours and months of hard work makes me feel very proud and satisfied. When a creative idea becomes a tangible reality, it feels very special!

To shop Kiara’s ART-ernative designs, you can visit her MiC Marketplace online store here.