3 minutes with Bunmi Thrasyvoulou, owner and creative mind behind Bnature Jewelry

Here’s the one question all mothers must face at some point: to work or not to work (by this we mean business work of course, because being a mum is a 24-hour job already anyway).

How every one of us answers this question depends on so many aspects of our lives, be they financial, professional or personal.

Some of us have chosen to work from home and benefit from the developments in modern technology. A lot can be achieved nowadays from a laptop and a kitchen table, and with the right mix of apps designed to run a small business at very low cost, developing a hobby into a money-maker has become achievable like never before.

Here at MumsinCyprus we believe in mum-to-mum encouragement, so this week’s work from home inspiration comes from Bunmi. She’s just like you and me, so we’ve asked her some questions to find out what motivated her to set up Bnature Jewelry.

When and where did the inspiration for Bnature Jewelry come from?

Bnature Jewelry came from the concept of nature and being natural, being comfortable with yourself and the nature around you.

When I look around me, I see nature’s beautiful colours, I hear her sound, I sense her smell.

In all the chaotic things happening around us, the energy in nature keeps you grounded and calm. That is why I like using natural gemstones in most of my jewellery. They are full of energy and are naturally beautiful.

I also have my precious customers in mind and I want to communicate through Bnature Jewelry that :

You are Naturally Beautiful!




What do you offer on the local market that is unique?

I make handmade jewelIery with materials, which I source widely from my travels and locally within Cyprus. Some of my works are done with pearls and gemstones such as lapis lazuli, jasper, tiger eye, agate, hematite, torquoise, etc. I also offer customised jewellery so you can contact me if you want something special.

I put my heart and passion in what I do. I give to my customers quality not quantity. I offer value for money spent. I am customer conscious and my customers satisfaction is foremost. These are the principles that guide me through all the processes, from sourcing of materials to design, creation of each piece of jewellery, pricing, sales and after sales follow-up.

Moreover, I am keen to continue to increase my knowledge and expertise in jewellery making and jewellery design in order to add more ideas to my creativity.

Has your background been useful in getting started?

Yes. I have always been artistically inclined as I enjoy drawing and painting.

Jewellery making came up as a hobby which I developed later, and I found out my interest in it superceded the other creative inclinations that I have.

What has been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

I was faced with a family decision to move to Cyprus 5 years ago. This decision changed my already planned and organised busy life which I had in Nigeria as a quantity surveyor and in construction business with my Cypriot husband. In Cyprus, out of idleness and boredom, I had to fill in the gap between school run and taking care of home. So I started spending more time with my hobbies, by painting and creating handmade jewellery. Bnature Jewelry came out of this challenge.

What’s your proudest moment so far?

Being able to reinvent myself. Now I wake up every morning with a purpose. I think of my customers. It is for them I create each piece of my jewellery. It gives me joy to see my work being appreciated particularly when customers decide to add them to their collection.

To shop Bunmi’s designs, you can visit her MiC Marketplace online store here.